Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where to find Coupons

One of my goals for the next month is to post each day of July about a List of 10 dealing with a personal finance or money saving idea topic.

Whether you have been couponing or trying to start there are various places where you can find coupons. Below are 10 sources of coupons.

1)  The most common place to find coupons is inserts in the newspaper.  Most Sunday newspapers have coupon inserts.  Coupon inserts are not normally in newspapers holiday weekends.

2)  “Blinkie” machines, the red machines you may see on store shelves that have coupons in them.  Product displays – sometimes you will find coupons on product displays.

3)  Store coupons – some stores, especially grocery stores and drugstores may have coupons in their flyers.  If they are store coupons you may be able to also use manufacturer coupons on the same item, which is called “stacking”.  At CVS, when you scan you Extra Care card in the store you may receive coupons for certain items in the store.

4)  Check your receipts for coupons and offers on the back from other businesses.  Sometimes coupons print out at the register to use on a future purchase if you purchase certain items.

5)  Printable coupons – There are websites that you can get printable coupons from.  In my experience, some stores will not accept printable coupons.

6)                  Free samples – if you get samples in the mail, there may be coupons on the packaging.

7)                  In the mail – Some companies mail coupons in the mail.  Also, some stores may mail coupons for their stores.

8)                  Phone book – there may be coupons in the back of your phone book for restaurants and other retailers.

9)                  Recycling bins – you may be able to find multiple copies of coupons at the recycling center.

10)              Look on packages of products you use that may have coupons on them. 

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